2 Reasons why LinkedIn is rubbish

Written by Guy Besley, The Digital Media Strategist,

OK, most of you know I am not a fan of LinkedIn and even more so after I was asked today to contact someone via LinkedIn, well I cant! LinkedIn IS rubbish.

linkedin is rubbish

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Let me start with mu number one hate of LinkedIn, its not Social Media, Its Anti Social Media. Consider this (in an offline world) you meet someone for the first time and they proceed to tell you all about themselves, their past jobs and achievements, well you would be put off in an instant! Well that’s what LinkedIn does, its a Peacocking platform for the corporate sector to show off! It is not about engagement as ALL other social media is, it creates a platform for a one way dialogue. Pointless, and Anti Social.

Now my 2nd hate of this platform; I really didn’t care until just now as to be honest I rarely use linkedIn anyway. But I was chatting to someone at the local primary school, they were asking about a website. Not being on top of my game I didn’t have a business card on me, instead the comment was said “contact me on LinkedIn”. I didn’t think much about that, until I tried to. Well here’s the kicker, you cant! Unless you know the email address. Now that’s not the case with all accounts on LinkedIn only the big ones, so the more friends you have the tighter the reigns become.

So lets ponder what LinkedIn claims to be, it claims to be not only an enormous employment database but a great Networking Platform; highlighted by all the 1st, 2nds and 3rds etc… Well how can you network to potential business colleagues if you cant even contact them! HELLO! And if I had the email I wouldn’t be using LinkedIn now would I!

Wake up guys, its meant to be Social Media focusing on Networking in the corporate online space. But its not! LinkedIn, fail in my mind.

But happy to be converted, will require a bit of convincing though. So ill leave the show ponies to LinkedIn and I will stay with my focus on Social Media that is about engagement, branding and expansion of social networks.

My whinge complete! The moral of this story though is simple, still use “old school” techniques and carry a business card!

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