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Grow your Pageviews – A MUST read

Written by Guy Besley, the Digital Media Strategist, Mobile Friendly Websites OK, i have been going on and on about Mobile Friendly sites for a while now, but it wasn’t until recently that I started setting up these sites for clients. I certainly had a strong belief in the concept, […]

Google De-Indexes Blogs

Written by Guy Besley, The Digital Media Strategist, Aaaarrrhhh! I hear you all saying! And to be honest I needed to change the undies after seeing that headline the other day. But I thought I had better investigate. Especially as the base of or Digital Media Strategy is exactly that […]

What is a Mobile Friendly Site

Written by Guy Besley, The Digital Media Strategist, As more and more people are using a mobile device to surf the internet it is becoming not only important, BUT vital to have a mobile friendly website that your user can actually comprehend your content. I would suggest that many internet […]

QR Codes – A waste of time, or get on board

Written by Guy Besley, The Digital Media Strategist, QR codes have been around a few years now, most of you will have seen them and wondered “what are these stupid looking things” or just thought “what a load of rubbish”. Well QR codes are here top stay whether we like […]

A guide to Spyware

I found an interesting article about Spyware, I thought I would pass it on. Aѕ wіtһ tһе computer virus, spyware саn bе broken ԁоwn іntо а number оf ԁіffегеnt categories. Mоѕt users аге familiar wіtһ tһе term “adware” wһісһ refers tо software wһісһ serves annoying ads. Tһеге аге һоwеνег а […]

Facebook For Business 9

Are you struggling to make sales, build your list and get traffic to your website? Do you wonder if Internet Marketing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and maybe thinking of giving it all up and sticking with your…

Go Mobile NOW

By Guy Besley, The Digital Media Strategist, It is time to get off your backside and make a small investment in your digital media strategy. Its called going Mobile. Now I just posted about websites coming to and end, but lets be realistic its not happening yet. In the meantime […]