Using Facebook? Dont Bother…

Written by Guy Besley, The Digital Media Strategist,

Sounds a bit rich, “Using Facebook, don’t bother” only minutes after a post promoting Facebook Business Pages? Am I completely insane? OK, don’t answer that.

Obviously my point about not bothering with Facebook is a little tongue in cheek! Obviously I believe Facebook IS pretty much the be all and end all as the platform to grow and dominate the word digitally (well nearly anyway). But that is for another post.

What my comment is about is simple; Facebook is Social Media! Breaking news to many latitude marketingunfortunately. So in case you are unsure what I mean by that do your self a favour and go to and look up the work social. Well I wont bother looking it up, because I know. :-) Social, in digital terms at least, can be simply translated to engagement. So lets change our view and call it “Engagement Media” Might be a bit more obvious for some of you slower folk as to what I am getting at now.

ENGAGE PEOPLE! Simple, that’s the name of the game. Now most of you understand this and do it very well, but MOST business doesn’t! Many people outsource their social media campaign to people like me :-) (now that’s a good thing) but what most of these “experts” do is post, not engage. What is the point of just telling your customers if your not prepared to ask or listen? Seems like business fail 101 to me.

To many friends business that I see are merely making posts, I try to engage with no response. This tells me one thing; they are not managing their digital campaign, and I bet the fat-cats in their corporate seats are saying “Facebook doesn’t work for our Business”, well if that fat-cat is you, get with the times….

So please, if you have at least made the effort to setup a Facebook business page then go the step further and use it for what it is designed, engagement. Just to clarify, for the really slow folk out there, always, and i MEAN ALWAYS respond to all and any comments on your page. Don’t just throw up a nice pretty picture and say “job done” talk to your fans, engage with your fans, and if nothing else you brand is hitting there timelines more.

Its not rocket science? Use Facebook as it was designed “engagement media”

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