Facebook; Hoaxes, Spam and Hacks

Written by Guy Besley, The Digital Media Strategist,

Facebook Hoaxes;

We are seeing more and more people sucked in by constant Facebook Hoaxes etc. The one currently circulating in Australia is the “Graph Search App”, well if your reading this post chances are you also know about graph Search as its something i have a strong belief in. this “Graph search App” hoax isn’t really though, graph is NOT an app, its basically the database within Facebook.

Facebook hoaxes

Anyway, I wont go on about that. I try to make comment on peoples posts about the hoax, yet they continue to spread it? Why? I have no idea! Intelligent people spreading what is clearly a hoax. Yet not one person have ever asked why is it a hoax and what does the perpetrator got to achieve by someone copying and pasting a post? NOT ONE Person has asked that question; they just follow like sheep and obey the instructions, then grizzle later. lol.

So whats in it for the perpetrator of such a hoax? There are many types of these things on Facebook, either via an App, an image or simply a post, like the one we are talking about now. The App ones are easy to work out as they ask for permission; you are then on a mailing list, simple. Images are used to create viral content, hence the spreading (and also a part of any Facebook marketing, read my eBook for more on that). But the post type Hoax appears to have absolutely no value to anyone? Well there is value, these types of Hoax are nicknames “friendly hacks” there is no real nastiness going on, just ego and satisfaction for putting it our and sucking people in. But there is also a benefit; Edgerank. Edgerank is what Facebook uses (its algorithm) to determine a post or users value in Facebook; in short the more engagement (That is after all the purpose of Social Media) then the higher your Edgerank will be.

Therefore, spreading such posts will no doubt assist the user to gain more Facebook traction, and yes that also helps those passing it on. Ironically, this passing on the hoaxes are actually often concerned about their privacy, yet all they are doing is assisting in creating a higher Edgerank to actually reduce privacy. lol

In a nut shell, there is only one Privacy setting you need to know “If its private don’t post it!” Simple really. Don’t forget, Facebook is SOCIAL MEDIA, not ANTI Social Media. So in short, just be social…..


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