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Written by, Guy Besley, The Digital Media Strategist,

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What on earth has this got to do with digital media or online marketing? Well simple, it’s an analogy I am using to highlight the value of correct Facebook marketing technique. Rule number one, actually the only rule I will talk about in this post; don’t outsource your social media.

I know, sounds ridiculous coming from me, a person who handles outsourced Facebook engagement, but let me start by saying that I make a point of always saying to my clients “It is best you do your own Facebook marketing”, at which point I end up in a long winded discussion about how they don’t have time etc. and would prefer to pay someone to do it for them, so I figure its best me doing it than not at all, I even give them a FREE copy of my eBook.

But, remember this; there is only one person who knows your business best, YOU! YOU are the best person to engage with your online community, YOU are the best person to build YOUR fan base and YOU are the best person to actually make it work! Yes, you can outsource to a “so called” Social Media expert, and yea, I call myself one of them. Lol, (But I preface that title every time by saying, “NO ONE is a Social Media expert, it is all too new, and if you are arrogant enough to think you know it all, then you will be obsolete by next week”).

It’s these Social Media experts that will always follow the correct techniques and post great content and relevant topics, images or questions for your fan-base, BUT they never engage, certainly not the same as you would. Sure their content may be great and exciting, but.

Let me give you an example, I have used this example before, and I’ll use it again as I see it happening all the time; to me it is very obvious when a Facebook Business page is outsourced, and I always make an effort to engage with the page, either by a few likes or if I can be really bother to prove the point Ill post a comment; I assure you, I never get engagement. The person posting these great posts doesn’t even say “thanks for the like”, “thanks for your comment” or better still engage with me. To me that is a total FAIL, and a waste of money. After all, it’s Social Media, Not an advertising billboard, it is meant to be a two way street, and it’s called engagement people! Do it, ENGAGE!

So back to my heading, the analogy, “get your mate to go to the bar and chat up a girl for you?” See how you go with that? It may work if you look like Tom Cruise, but chances are you will go down in flames. Why, simple? YOU are not engaging, you are getting someone else to do your dirty work as you can’t be bothered or are to scared, either way, no engagement means no conversion! Simple really!

So take this thought away with you and don’t get your mate to chat up the girl at the bar, do your own Facebook marketing, it’s not hard, nor is it terribly time consuming. You do it right, it will work! You do it wrong; you have wasted time and money.

To learn more about simple and easy to follow techniques in Facebook marketing then get my eBook “So Now You Have a Facebook Business Page – What’s Next”. It will show you just how easy it is to do your own marketing on Facebook.

So engage and move forth!

Carpe Diem

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