How Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of Facebook’s Graph Search

You may have read my numerous articles on this Topic, and my view that it will destroy Google! Well have a read, :-)


If you missed the search revolution the first time around, you may have a second chance with Facebook Graph Search.

Emphasis on “may.” The tool, which Facebook rolled out in January, is still so new that company execs tend to reflexively answer queries about it by saying, “It’s too soon to tell.” That’s true, though. At this point, the vast majority of Facebook users don’t have Graph Search. That’s not just because it’s being rolled out in stages but also because it’s only available in English, alienating huge swaths of Facebook users. Facebook’s Graph-like Nearby mobile app (now known as “Local Search”) has been out for longer, but hasn’t attracted a big audience.

Nevertheless, a few canny small businesses have attempted to figure out how Graph Search might affect their businesses. The early consensus: This isn’t Google II, but it’s a worthwhile tool to assess your brand’s Facebook performance and could be an opportunity to create a geographical or long tail niche for your business.

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How Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of Facebook’s Graph Search.