Keyword Retriever Tool Review

I review the keyword retriever tool,

I have just purchased what appears to be the best WordPress Plug-in I have come across. The keyword retriever tool appears to be the perfect companion for any blogger and Internet marketer. It looks to be quick and easy to use, while offering some great bells and whistles while achieving some solid keyword research with this keyword tool.

Keyword Retriever Tool Review

Well its fair to say if you are reading this review that my keyword analysis has gone to plan.

Lets talk about this keyword tool and how it will assist with your keyword analysis. Firstly it simply finds relevant keywords while you write your posts or pages, it allows you to instantly add these targeted words as tags and also has a live Keyword density checker so that you can see your density as you are writing your posts, live!

Not only that is also has an optimisation tool that instantly links your keywords from your keyword analysis to other pages and posts within your blog, great for internal back-linking.

There is one small issue I see though, this keyword tool seems to struggle with capital letters. But you can easily work around that.

In short, the keyword retriever tool is an amazing keyword analysis and keyword tool that will make you writing not only easier but fun.

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