Lists are a waste of time

Written by Guy Besley, the digital media strategist,

Ok, a bold statement, “lists are a waste of time”, but lets ponder this thought for a second; what use is a list if it doesn’t add value?

Nothing new in that. But what made me think about this concept was while i was reading an article about Pinterest. As an aside, I love Pinterest, I see its value, it’s addictive nature and its ability to help not only people engage via images but to enhance their digital presence. However, I was reading an article, and the CEO was discussing how they will make money. Well isn’t this interesting. Like Skype, they can’t actually make money.

So how do they keep going? Well obviously investors keep financing these ventures. They are household names (to most anyway) but yet they don’t make money! So how can Pinterest make money? Maybe they believe that they can follow the Facebook model and get big enough (membership) to charge business to advertise?

Incidentally, they have already made the first step in this direction, by introducing business pages a few months ago; therefore engaging with business and to lure in the corporate dollar.

Well, lets assume this to be the case, because I can’t think of any other way off the top of my head. If this is the case, how can they justify an advertising dollar? Simple, lists. So IC their member lust is big enough then of course the advertising dollar may be attracted? Or will it?

It’s hard to know; I mean, what is the future of all these sites? After all they can’t survive without income, and the people putting up the coin will want to see some return on their money soon.

In short, and just putting it out there; are we all wasting our time, desperately trying to build lists in our given niches? Obviously not, but it’s food for thought none the less…,