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Written by Guy Besley, The Digital Media Strategist,

Find great Online Forums;

One of the best ways to gain credibility and respect in your chosen field is via forum marketing. People who engage on Forums are there because they are passionate about the topic of interest, be it a sporting pursuit, hobby or simply a business niche; all participants in the Forum are engaged and interested.

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By joining Forums you can expose yourself or your business to far greater reach than otherwise possible, consider it an extension to your Social Media marketing, yet on steroids!

How to use forums?

1. Find relevant forums that are active and ideally high PR websites, which will mean that the level of discussion is of a standard that you would expect. Not just some small unknown Forum.

2. Engage, this is the easy part. Simple answer questions, ask questions and constantly provide valuable input. This is the key to gaining respect within the online community you are engaging with.

3. Don’t sell, I know sounds silly, isn’t that the point? Well if you are seen to sell (Just like Social Media) you are seen to be only advertising your wares and offering little value in return. Just like all this Facebook pages that keeps selling…. boring!

4. Subtly offer advice outside of the Forum, so within an online conversation offer the participants to contact you to discuss further. You can do this by stating that the answer is more complex and please contact me directly for more in depth information. or just try to direct them to a page on your website, ideally a blog post  that is relevant to the topic of discussion. Either of those methods will attract the potential buyer.

5. This is the most important step. Think long term! Don’t think “whats in it for me” now, think about building a long term solid relationship. That’s what its all about! relationship building.

OK, so now you get the point of it all, but how to find these Forums? Well there are numerous options. A very simply option is yahoo forums, or Google forums? If you are using a mobile device grab the free App “Tapatalk” this is great for when lying in bed with a bit of time to kill.

Or take the easy option and download this FREE software that will do it for you. Its FREE and simple to use, all you have to do is enter in the Keywords and wait for the software to find the right Forums for you. Its the easiest way!

Good luck with your Forum marketing, and please enjoy engaging. Who knows, you may also learn something.

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